Brandon Niederauer, Heart of Gold


via St Lucia Star

A sought after young guitarists in the world was not enough, 14 year old Brandon Niederauer has not just a head of golden locks but also a “heart of gold”.

“Breakfast with Brandon” held during the Soleil Blues Festival in September was a hit with students from across the island. Brandon, in a sit-down session with music students on the island, offered up, as part of the breakfast menu, heart-felt advice to his young audience, advice based on his experience as a young successful student both in terms of his academic and musical pursuits.

Supported by his parents Gary and Alexandra Niederauer, Brandon explained that balance is the key to his success where he understands that his academic education is as important as his musical career and that the two things work hand-in-hand. He noted, “I must be able to do well at Math and English and the Sciences to be able to write and understand and enjoy music,” adding, “My parents make it clear that if I do not do well in school, I cannot play my guitar. I want to play my guitar so I work hard to maintain A’s at school.”

Alexandra, Brandon’s mother, also noted, “In order for Brandon to be in Broadway shows he must maintain excellent grades at school. It is the law in the United States of America”.  

Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer who embraces his mother’s Saint Lucian heritage, has pledged his support to young Saint Lucian musicians noting that he has always been proud of his heritage and will make every effort to open doors for them using his vast network. To make good on his commitment, Brandon used some of the proceeds from his performance at the Soleil Blues Festival to purchase a Jean Paul Acoustic – Electric 40” Guitar as a gift for Jovon Hamilton, a promising guitar student of the Corinth Secondary School.  The two befriended each other at Breakfast with Brandon and have been in touch ever since.

Jovon, with tears of gratitude, stated, “I am so excited to finally have my own guitar and it is personally autographed by Brandon too”. Jovon is noted as a dedicated guitar student and member of the Corinth Secondary School band under the stewardship of Mrs. Felicite Augustin-Maraj. Brandon and Jovon are hoping to work together in the near future.

The Events Company of St. Lucia Inc. is also awarding a Jean Paul Acoustic – Electric 40” Guitar to a Primary or Secondary School Student in the Soleil Blues Guitar Giveaway Promotion. This guitar, which was used during the “Breakfast with Brandon” performance, is also autographed by Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer.